Ozone Lighting offers bespoke lighting solutions which are designed for the specific environment, the type of building and the intended use.

Ultra low energy lighting solutions

Ozone Lighting Solutions has extensive experience of supplying all types of low energy lighting and lighting control systems to all industries.

We are a long established company and we offer free technical surveys to assess what type of lighting is currently installed in your premises.  If needed and within a short period of installation time, your existing lighting can be swapped for alternatives that provide greater light output and halve your energy consumption.

Lighting controls can also be added to switch your lighting on and off as and when required, for additional savings. Our product range includes high output LED luminaires, induction lighting systems, low energy fluorescent luminaires, occupancy detectors, daylight sensors, dimming control systems and intelligent lighting control systems. All our products are manufactured in the UK and come with a 5 year warranty.

Leasing your lighting is also an option if there are concerns about the initial cost. Ozone Lighting is able to offer leasing packages that immediately reduce your carbon footprint with no heavy upfront expenditure.

All installation works are carried out by our own in-house team, Konect Electrical Services, who can also assist with your mains power systems, small power distribution and cable management systems.  Please visit Konect for any of these services.

Ozone Lighting Solutions is a brand name for the lighting division of Konect Electrical Services Ltd.

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